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Have your brake fluid levels checked regularly by your local independent auto centre for brake fluid change

brakess crashResearch conducted for Cosan Lubricants' Comma brand, tested the quality of brake fluid at service garages across Europe and found that 26.5 per cent of UK motorists had defective brake fluid, with nearly one in 10 unintentionally risking their lives every time they drove. Overall across Europe, that figure rose to 41 per cent of vehicles operating with sub-standard brake fluid.

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While the poor quality of brake fluid in the nation's cars was alarming, the study also revealed a worrying lack of understanding among motorists about how brake fluid functions - three quarters had no idea, offering workshops the chance to build trust and educate their customers.

Researchers found that the age and mileage of a vehicle is not necessarily linked to the quality of its brake fluid. One in seven vehicles with less than 80,000 miles on the clock had fluid showing a boiling point of less than 200°C.

Meanwhile, 75 per cent of workshop customers either admitted that they don't know how brake fluid works, or gave an inadequate account when questioned. More than a third (34 per cent) had not changed their brake fluid for over two years. The rest of Europe is not much better, with a total of 71 per cent of motorists quizzed unable to explain how brake fluid works.

"Unfortunately, once brake fluid is contaminated, there's no going back and there is a much greater risk that it will boil," he said. "This can happen in stop-start conditions or under heavy braking, and the risk increases significantly in vehicles that are towing something. It's an elusive problem and very difficult to diagnose because, after an accident and once the fluid has cooled again, it will appear to be normal."

It is important to check your brake fluid levels regularly and replace with high quality brake fluid to ensure your car stops safely. If you have low disc fluid levels we would recommend that you visit your nearest Cymru Garages at your earliest convenience to have it inspected by one of our professional technicians.

Cross Hands Motors offers a wide range of professional services with highly trained auto technicians always on hand to fit new parts or to offer advice to our loyal customers. Call us today to get the best prices on new car tyres fitted, winter car tyres fitted, wheel alignment, car exhaust systems, air conditioning recharges, replacement brake pads and discs, booking in your car for its MOT, car servicing, cambelts, shock absorbers, engine rebuilds, vehicle diagnostics, clutches, batteries, tow bars, turbo inspection and car gearboxes.

Ensure your brakes are checked regularly as brakes are a critical safety item on your vehicle and need to be well maintained to provide maximum stopping power and peace of mind when you're driving.

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