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icon cambelhhtsCAMBELTS FITTED BY Cross Hands Motors
Let Cross Hands Motors technicians inspect your cambelt and replace it if worn or damaged

Every manufacturer has different guidelines in relation to the number of miles a vehicle may travel before the need to change the cambelt. Needless to say, many drivers are not aware that these vital parts of the car require regular maintenance and replacement and we would always recommend you refer to your vehicle user manual or logbook to check when a cambelt should be replaced.


If you have your car serviced at regular intervals then your cambelt will probably have been changed and is in good working order. Older cars may not be serviced as often and it is, therefore, vital to ensure the condition of the cambelt is OK. All of our Cross Hands Motors technicians will be able to offer a quick visual check to ensure everything is in perfect condition.

When cambelts fail, they tend to cause significant damage to your vehicle engine that often results in large bills for the repair or replacement of engine components. Therefore if you are worried about the condition of your car cambelt please do not hesitate to contact Cross Hands Motors Garages branches and our expert auto technicians will be happy to assist you further.

Cross Hands Motors offers a wide range of professional services with highly trained auto technicians always on hand to fit new parts or to offer advice to our loyal customers.

Your car cambelt must be regularly changed as per your vehicle manufacturers guidelines. Failure to replace them can mean serious damage to your cars engine and as a result a huge repair bill.

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