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Book your car in with Cross Hands Motors today for our tuning and remapping service

Wremappinge are offering car tuning and ECU remapping now in association with Viezu, whom are world renowned specialists, to increase power, decrease emissions and improve MPG.

Cross Hands Motors has teamed up with Viezu Technologies, the name renowned for remapping car and van ECUs for improved performance, reduced emissions and cutting down fuel usage.

Viezu's research and development has produced independently verified data showing that their software enhancements can cut fuel use by 15%, emissions by 20% and increases in horse power by as much as 60BHP!

Operating and tested to Euro 6 Emission certification and can prove it.

This is proven large scale and wanted by the large fleets! BT has just installed 24,000 vans with the upgraded remapping software through our business partner Viezu, Homeserve is having its fleet updated with our remapped software, as well as many other large fleet suppliers.

The vehicles being tuned within the upgrade programme for BT Fleet range from small Corsa sized vans through to larger Transit chassis-cab vans, with much larger payloads and different driving cycles.

However, due to their extensive understanding of their fleet's operating cycles, BT Fleet was able to provide Viezu with detailed requirements and benchmarking figures.

Thanks to the improved fuel efficiency of its vans, BT is now saving the equivalent of £4million a year in diesel costs and estimates that the reduction in its carbon footprint is equivalent to taking 5,000 London cabs off the road!

Tests have been comprehensive and carried out on all ranges of vehicles, from Minis to Ferraris. As an example, the software has proven to make a 60% emission reduction on the BMW 325d M Sport and reduced HydroCarbon emissions on the Ferrari 458 from 46 ppm to 7 ppm after remapping!!

These fuel saving tuning and fleet tuning services are not like others in the industry, the tuning is custom developed in house to dramatically improve fuel economy, the remap tuning is specially designed to include elements of rev limiting, speed limiting, throttle and load control, this is quite unlike the approach others use and is guaranteed to deliver fuel saving results. Viezu fuel saving tuning is also the only tuning and remapping of its kind to be ISO certified and insured.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If not totally delighted then bring the vehicle back in 30 days and we will return the vehicle to the prior to remapped state and refund you in full.

INSURANCE BACKED GUARANTEE - Viezu are ISO accredited and insured to £5M Sterling supplying over 5000 tunings per month

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT - In the virtual world of flash websites, library pictures and CGI imagery, do you really know who any company is or what they really do anymore? See the link for real world openness and honesty.

If you would like further information on our range of fuel saving tuning and fleet services, contact one of our branches.

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