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iarboxGearbox Repairs ad Servicing at Cross Hands Motors
Car gearbox and transmission inspection, repair and replacement services - new or rebuilds available

1234At Cross Hands Motors, our expert technicians will inspect your gearbox and transmission to advise if we can replace worn items or if you require a complete replacement gearbox for your car. We can service both manual and automatic gearboxes in our state of the art workshops.

Do you have a problem with your gearbox?

The signs that something maybe wrong with your car's gearbox and needs to be booked into a Cross Hands Motors for our technicians to inspect it include:

The gear stick is hard to move when changing gear – You've probably got low lubricant levels or the clutch linkage may require lubricating or needs adjusting.

The gearbox sounds noisy when the car is in gear - This could be down to the bearings or one of the gears have become worn or damaged, maybe a chipped tooth on one of the gears and can also be due to low lubricant levels

Noisy when the car is in neutral – Again, this could due to worn teeth on the gears or the bearings but could also be damage to your reverse idler gear

The gearbox is leaking lubricant – Have you filled the gearboxes lubricant too much? There may be cracks in the gearbox case or you may have loose bolts, we've even seen cars where the drain plug has worked loose and is missing!

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms then we highly recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to arrange for the car to be inspected and where necessary our trained technicians will advice if we need to repair, replace parts or in some circumstances look to have the gearbox replaced to ensure you can drive away safely.

As well as new replacement car gearboxes, we can also help you to source quality reconditioned gearboxes. Call today so we can offer you the best price on gearbox replacement.

Cross Hands Motors offers a wide range of professional services with highly trained auto technicians always on hand to fit new parts or to offer advice to our loyal customers. Call us today to get the best prices on new car tyres fitted, winter car tyres fitted, wheel alignment, car exhaust systems, air conditioning recharges, replacement brake pads and discs, booking in your car for its MOT, car servicing, cambelts, shock absorbers, engine rebuilds, vehicle diagnostics, clutches, batteries, and turbo inspection.

At Cross Hands Motors we dispose all lubricants in a safe way to ensure minimal impact on the environment. If you wish to change the lubricants in your car at home we would advise you not to poor used lubricants down the drain. Instead, contact your local council to find out where to dispose of them safely.


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